Serie B  Match results, fixture and league table

Serie B Match results, fixture and league table

  1. 1Frosinone Overall standingsFrosinone30195662
  2. 2Genoa Overall standingsGenoa30169556
  3. 3Südtirol Overall standingsSüdtirol301312551
  4. 4Bari Overall standingsBari301311650
  5. 5Pisa Overall standingsPisa301112745
  6. 6Cagliari Overall standingsCagliari301112745
  7. 7Reggina Overall standingsReggina291331342
  8. 8Palermo Overall standingsPalermo301012842
  9. 9Parma Overall standingsParma301181141
  10. 10Como Overall standingsComo30912939
  11. 11Ternana Overall standingsTernana301091139
  12. 12Modena Overall standingsModena301151438
  13. 13Ascoli Overall standingsAscoli30991236
  14. 14Cittadella Overall standingsCittadella308111135
  15. 15Perugia Overall standingsPerugia29961433
  16. 16Venezia Overall standingsVenezia30891333
  17. 17Cosenza Overall standingsCosenza30881432
  18. 18Benevento Overall standingsBenevento306111329
  19. 19SPAL Overall standingsSPAL306101428
  20. 20Brescia Overall standingsBrescia306101428
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