Oberliga  Match results, fixture and league table

Oberliga Match results, fixture and league table

  1. 1Gebenbach Overall standingsGebenbach19151346
  2. 2Eintracht Bamberg Overall standingsEintracht Bamberg18143145
  3. 3Eltersdorf Overall standingsEltersdorf20133442
  4. 4Donaustauf Overall standingsDonaustauf19122538
  5. 5Abtswind Overall standingsAbtswind20104634
  6. 6ATSV Erlangen Overall standingsATSV Erlangen2094731
  7. 7Ammerthal Overall standingsAmmerthal1986530
  8. 81. SC Feucht Overall standings1. SC Feucht2086630
  9. 9Cham Overall standingsCham2076727
  10. 10Würzburger FV Overall standingsWürzburger FV1973924
  11. 11Kornburg Overall standingsKornburg1864822
  12. 12Jahn Regensburg II Overall standingsJahn Regensburg II20631121
  13. 13ASV Neumarkt Overall standingsASV Neumarkt21631221
  14. 14Großbardorf Overall standingsGroßbardorf19621120
  15. 15DJK Bamberg Overall standingsDJK Bamberg20621220
  16. 16Bayern Hof Overall standingsBayern Hof20461018
  17. 17Weiden Overall standingsWeiden20431315
  18. 18Geesdorf Overall standingsGeesdorf20331412
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