Ligue 2  Match results, fixture and league table

Ligue 2 Match results, fixture and league table

  1. 1Le Havre Overall standingsLe Havre281512157
  2. 2Bordeaux Overall standingsBordeaux28148650
  3. 3Sochaux Overall standingsSochaux28147749
  4. 4Metz Overall standingsMetz28139648
  5. 5Bastia Overall standingsBastia28136945
  6. 6Caen Overall standingsCaen281110743
  7. 7Grenoble Foot 38 Overall standingsGrenoble Foot 3828118941
  8. 8Quevilly Rouen Overall standingsQuevilly Rouen28109939
  9. 9Guingamp Overall standingsGuingamp281081038
  10. 10Paris FC Overall standingsParis FC281071137
  11. 11Amiens SC Overall standingsAmiens SC281071137
  12. 12Saint-Etienne Overall standingsSaint-Etienne28991033
  13. 13Annecy Overall standingsAnnecy28891133
  14. 14Valenciennes Overall standingsValenciennes28712933
  15. 15Pau Overall standingsPau28891133
  16. 16Rodez  Overall standingsRodez 287101131
  17. 17Laval Overall standingsLaval28941531
  18. 18Dijon Overall standingsDijon28681426
  19. 19Nîmes Overall standingsNîmes28751626
  20. 20Niort Overall standingsNiort28751626
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